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Go Mobile with Trumba

Leverage Trumba’s mobile functionality to increase your customer engagement. Trumba’s mobile calendar views and easy integration with native mobile apps help you reach your audience wherever they are, providing fast mobile access to up-to-date event information.

Optimize calendars for mobile websites

Easily create a version of your events calendar designed for optimal display on tablets and smart phones using Trumba’s Mobile Table calendar view (no app required).

Customize your mobile calendars

Like Trumba’s other calendar views, you can customize the Mobile Table view for each of your calendars to suit your needs and style preferences.

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Publish event calendars in a mobile app

Include your events in a native mobile app that your customers can download to mobile devices. Whether strictly a calendar app or part of a larger mobile app, integrating Trumba event data ensures your audience has current event information wherever they are.

Easily integrate events in mobile apps

To include event data in a mobile application, app developers use the data feeds that Trumba automatically generates for every calendar you publish.

You control your mobile app

Trumba’s data feeds break down event data, giving you and your app developers flexibility to control which fields are displayed. You can use custom fields and filtering just like your web calendars. Trumba events in mobile apps can be downloaded to personal calendars and more.

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Compatible with mobile developers

A selected list of Trumba-compatible mobile app developers includes:


Provides library patrons with catalog searches, book checkout and many other mobile library features.
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Blackboard Mobile

Blackboard Mobile

Gives learners, educators and the community access to all aspects of the educational experience.
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Straxis Technology

Straxis Technology

Engages students, alumni, parents and fans on multiple platforms.
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Browse through the following list to see a small selection of Trumba customers using mobile websites.

Browse through the following list to see a small selection of Trumba customers using mobile apps.

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